2017 was a big year for Upsidedown Wine.  We felt like we were finally able to tip the scale a bit when it comes to our giving.  We almost doubled our annual donations in 2017 from the previous year - in total, we gave just short of $6K! Of course, this was only possible because of YOU!  Our loyal customers who are committed to living out their philanthropic convections the best way we know how to -- through wine!  We couldn't be more thankful for your continued support.  

Buying a bottle or two of Upsidedown Wine may not seem or feel like you’re making a big difference in the world – but please know… you are!  Our partners have written us many heartfelt thank-you’s explaining that through our donation they are able to thrive this year as a foundation and create real impact world-wide.  You are a part of that impact.  

We have a lot of exciting things in the works for 2018, and are believing we can at least double our annual giving this next year!  The goal is to hit $12K in 2018!  

Our goal as people and as a business is to live BIG, GENEROUS lives.  We are so thankful that we get to use our platform with Upsidedown to spread love and hope through good wine to our community.


Seth Kitzke